Alpha Adult Services is committed to supporting adults to lead active and fulfilling lives in their community. Alpha Resource Center provides a broad spectrum of day services for adults, 22 years of age and older, with developmental disabilities. Each participant assists in the development of individualized services tailored to achieve his or her personal goals. Skill development is achieved through utilization of individual areas of interest. Activities promote participation and integration of individuals as contributing members of our community. Services may include skill development and support in employment, community access, effective living, personal and social enrichment, and arts and leisure activities. Opportunities include:

Community Volunteers

Cruisers at Zoo

Volunteering at the Zoo

Serving the Santa Barbara Zoo, Meals on Wheels, Food from the Heart, Casa Esperanza, Santa Barbara Sailing Center and others;

Community Fitness

Participants utilize the Santa Barbara and Montecito YMCA’s, Better Days Yoga and others;

Work Opportunities

Landscape Crew, Food Service and Janitorial at Alpha Thrift Stores;

Continuing Education Classes

Participants are supported in participation in Adult Education classes;

Creative Arts

Rockability performing at SoHo

Rockability performing at SoHo

Performing Arts Theater Troupe and Band – Rockability

Community Access

Shopping (money management), public transportation, exploration, beach and parks, and others

Social Opportunities

Dances, karaoke, holiday and special events.

“I like coming here because I learn things.”
-Alpha Participant

“I am very happy with Alpha and everything they do for my daughter”
-Alpha Parent

“I like going to the zoo, going out to lunch, working in the garden, going to the computer lab, having a good time. We always have good activities that we do.”
-Alpha Participant

“Just being there makes my daughter happy.”
-Alpha Parent

“I love being at Alpha. Thank you for being here for me.”
-Alpha Participant

“Alpha is probably one of the best opportunities that my daughter has had in her life. She has blossomed.”
-Alpha Parent