img_6759On Sept 24 we did our play “Unlikely Heroes”.  I was a knight and king. My buddy Miller was a prince and my roommate Michelle was a princess.  My funny part was our “Men Who Won’t Wear Tights” song.  When Michelle and I gave our director Buffy the flowers, I promised her this year that it wasn’t another proposal; it was just a thank you for all the hard work she put in.  The scene I liked was “Now a Word from our Sponsor”. That’s when I was the King and Jim was a peddler and he was handing out tights.  Then everyone threw the tights back at Jim and shouted “Boo!”  The audience participation was fun too with the “awws” and whistles.

I feel good and happy when I’m on stage, not nervous. I feel ready to put on a good show for everyone.dsc_0240  Thank you everyone for coming and we hope you all enjoyed it!  We’re happy now that it’s over so that now we can take it easy for a little while until next year!  I haven’t thought about next year’s theme yet. Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you all and I’ll get back to you soon!img_6899