We will be reviving our artist blog posts with some of the artists at SlingShot! This will be an opportunity for the artists to give you a brief insight on a piece they’re working on, talk about a particular medium that they enjoy, discuss techniques for achieving a desired outcome, or just express something that’s on their mind. We hope you enjoy them! Today’s post is from Henry Hornickle while he was working in the ceramics studio.

FOT30E2“I like coming to Slingshot. The people are nice here. I like working in the studio on embroidery. I like working in the ceramics room too. It’s quiet there.

We use clay in ceramics and roll it. I like the tools we use in ceramics. They’re nice.

My favorite thing to draw are flowers. They’re nice. They smell nice too!

I like flowers; don’t you?”FOT6F47