I’m back!!
Junior (one of the staff) and I sent a letter to one of my favorite WWE superstars – Roman Reigns – who I really like! We wrote to him for him to come down here and visit Alpha. I told him that I’m his biggest fan and I have one of his shirts. If any of my readers know or see Roman Reigns, please if you could find a way to pass this message on to him, I’d appreciate it. Thank you!

Roman, in case you’re reading this – I hope you can find some time in your schedule to come down here and see us! In addition to me, everybody would like to meet you, Big Dog!! I like how you spear your opponents and that you’re just a really nice guy! I’d love to show you around here and I’d like to learn some of your moves! I haven’t seen a superstar before so that’s why I thought about you. It would be so cool to meet you in person! All the girls would faint! Hope you can find time to make it!! Hope to see you soon, Big Dog!

I’ll keep you posted!