Hey everybody! Last month I went with a bunch of friends up to Lake Cachuma for 2 days of camping. We had a nice time up at Cachuma Lake! IMG_2692Myself and some of my friends were in a group called the Squirrely Squirrels. We sat around the campfire singing songs and having s’mores. My friends and I helped set up our tent, cooked dinner one night, and learned some camping skills. We also went canoeing on the lake and then we went to a museum-type place, the nature center. There were pinecones as big as pineapples!! We went with the crew from Wilderness Inquiry. That was the same crew that took us canoeing a few weeks ago. It was nice to see them again! It was a really good experience! My favorite part was just being with everyone and having a fun time! We took a picture in front of the canoes. Here it is:IMG_2787


I can’t wait to see the new Pirates movie. It comes out May 26th. It’s the last one. It’s called “Dead Men Tell No Tales” – one of my favorite Disneyland rides! Did anyone else see Depp walking in the Pirates ride? It was really awesome! I saw the video and saved it on Facebook; I wish I was there to see that! I’m planning to go see the new movie the weekend after it opens and I’ll let you know what I think about it after I see it. Until then, have a good week! Savvy??