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  by: Jessica Simon I am thankful for so many things in my life  that have touched me in 2016. First of all I am thankful for all members of my loving family who love me and want what is best for me. I am thankful for my new love of my life, Richard.  He sparks up my life with excitement everyday. I’m thankful that I got to try something new and I traveled internationally to China with Special Olympics as a Global Messenger.  I met...

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Murder She Wrote: The Unexpected Turtle Murder

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by: Jessica Simon We have a 6 week summer program on Wednesdays and Thursdays and we all decided on the plot and what characters we want to be. Then Amy Buesker writes up the script. For our dress rehearsal we put on our costumes and we do a run-through of our entire play on stage at the Calvary Chapel.  We have to be there at certain times and it went smoothly. On Friday, the opening night of our show we performed in front of our  family and...

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The Shopping Experience

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by Jessica Simon Last Friday Maria and I went to the Milpas Alpha Thrift Store. The entire store was 50 percent off sale to start up 4th of July weekend. We did some clothes shopping and found some cute dresses and one sweatshirt. I really enjoyed this local trip with her and I am trying to update the wardrobe in my closet since I’ve lost so much weight. This experience has really helped me to accomplish this goal that I have for myself. When...

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Katie’s FUNd Camping 2016

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by: Jessica Simon We did our annual 2016 Katie’s FUNd camping trip at El Capitan state beach. We had lots of fun and I did my Weight Watchers coloring book. We also did our scavenger hunt and I had an all girls team for the first time and I loved it. I also had all girls tent mates and we all got to sleep in a big 6 people tent. We had s’mores, did our camp names. My camp name was Shooting Star and other people had different and silly names...

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A New Experience

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by: Jessica Simon Last week, I went twice to the canoeing event with Wilderness Inquiry and Toad&Co. There were lots of volunteers that came out and helped us to learn something new and some of us got nervous because it was our first time in the boats and going out far in the water. We even saw pelicans, seals, and sea lions out there. We also had boat names that our teams came up with and on my first day my team name was the SB Sea Lions...

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Pop Star Wars

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by: Jessica Simon Last week Friday night we had our first showing of our play performance of Pop Star Wars and I thought that the entire cast all did a great job this year and we sure did make the crowd laugh and we all rocked Calvary Chapel.  I know that I did a great job and I was feeling when I was saying all my lines that I stuttered and I do not like when I do that in front of a big crowd people especially when my mom and my sister were...

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