Town Hall Update

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Update: Since August your financial support in response to our need has been amazing! We can’t thank you enough and are excited to see how we will meet, and even exceed, our goals before the end of the year!  For a full update of everything that has been happening the past few months, please click here.

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Short-Term and Long-Term Sustainability

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Thank you to all who were able to attend the gathering at Alpha Resource Center of Santa Barbara last night on our short- and long-term sustainability, . . . and thank you to others who were not able to attend but expressed interest in receiving information about the status of Alpha services. Summary of our discussion: Alpha currently provides: • Family support for 2,700 families with children with developmental and intellectual...

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Eat Great Food, Help Great People

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“Eat Great Food, Help Great People” – this is the slogan for Kyle’s Kitchen, a new restaurant that opened in Goleta a few months ago.  Kyle’s Kitchen donates a portion of their proceeds each month to different community organizations that support people with special needs.  Jay and Deena Ferro are the owners and masterminds behind Kyle’s Kitchen which is inspired by their son Kyle who has special needs (and...

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We’re Hiring!!

Posted by on Feb 20, 2015 in Blog, News | 1 comment

Are you compassionate and caring? Do you love helping people reach their full potential? Do you want to be part of a truly cooperative group of people working to serve a cause larger than themselves? Then consider joining the team at Alpha Resource Center of Santa Barbara. Alpha is committed to empowering individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, supporting families and fostering a community that values the contribution of...

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The Sacramento Whirligig

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This year will decide whether the Lanterman Act system starts to revive or continues to collapse.  We all need to step up now. Here’s why. The great strength of California’s privatized developmental services system is that it is not run by government. Rather it operates through thousands of service providers, most of them small in size, locally owned and run as non-profits, overseen by the 21 regional centers, which are themselves...

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A Tribute to Scott Clarkson

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by: Amy Buesker As many of you already know, on Sunday, October 12th we lost one of our long-time Alpha family members. Scott Charles Clarkson passed away in the hospital on Sunday afternoon while enjoying one of his favorite pastimes – watching football! Needless to say, the news hit everyone at Alpha hard. Scott has been attending Alpha for over 30 years and is truly part of the fabric of Alpha. It is hard to imagine what the next year will...

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