Alpha provides services and supports for families who have children with intellectual and similar developmental disabilities or who may be at risk of developmental delay and other special needs. 

All it takes is a phone call or email to get started.

Available Services and Supports


Parent to Parent Support

Through Alpha you can be introduced to other parents who have walked the path you are on, leading to lifelong connections and practical support as you raise your child, teen, or adult with an intellectual or developmental disability. Our family support team is made up of parents who “have been there” and who have received specialized training in family support.  

We are also able to provide support to parents or family members who have received news of a prenatal diagnosis of developmental disabilities or the risk of developmental delay.


System Navigation and Referrals

Assistance is available to help parents negotiate and navigate regional center, special education, and other systems that serve families and children with intellectual or developmental disabilities and other special needs. Most of these are free entitlement-based services.

Confidential referral service and follow-up to connect you with community resources is also available.

We also provide resource information on a wide-variety of topics from early intervention to raising a child with special needs. 


Advocacy Services

Advocacy services are provided to help individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities receive the services they require and the benefits to which they are entitled. Generally, individuals and/or their parents, family members, or friends are encouraged and able to advocate successfully for their needs and interests. When individuals or those acting on their behalf are unsuccessful or in need of further knowledge or experience, Alpha may provide the individual and/or family advocacy services.  LEARN MORE

Resources, Education, and Workshops

IEP Training Workshops

From IEP Basic Training to IEP Tools & Strategies, we offer several workshops to help you understand the Individualized Education Program (IEP) process. Know your rights and become better equipped to work with the IEP team to ensure your child receives the right services.

Transitions Workshops

Whether you are transitioning from Early Start to preschool or from youth to adult, we provide instruction, insight, and education to make the process as smooth as possible. Eliminate any fear or hesitation by knowing your options and what to expect during the process.

More Workshops

In order to serve the diverse needs of our community, we offer additional workshops to help you navigate your journey from prenatal diagnosis to end-of-life decision. To learn more about upcoming workshop topics, contact our Children, Family Services, and Advocacy office.

Resource Libraries

Alpha Resource Connections Libraries are two lending libraries with over 2,000 titles, information searches, mail out services, and resource identification. Our libraries are located in the Tri-Counties Regional Center offices in Santa Barbara and Santa Maria. 

Call for hours or to make an appointment. 

Santa Barbara at Tri-Counties Regional Center
520 E. Montecito Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93103

(805) 957-9272

 Santa Maria at Tri-Counties Regional Center
1234 Fairway Drive, Suite A
Santa Maria, CA 93454

(805) 347-2775

Children and Family Services Calendar of Events

For dates of parent groups, workshops, and more, visit our Children and Family Services Calendar on our Events page.

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