Alpha provides services and supports for families who have children with developmental disabilities, who may be at risk of developmental delay or other special needs. All it takes is a phone call.

Parent to Parent Support
Alpha provides life-time connections for parents to other parents for practical support in raising a child, teen or adult with special needs.  Our family support team is made up of parents who “have been there” and who have received specialized training in family support.  They are also able to provide support to parents or family members who have received news of a prenatal diagnosis of developmental disabilities or the risk of developmental delay

Resource information is available on a wide-variety of topics from early intervention to raising a child with special needs.

Confidential referral service and follow-up to community resources is available.

System(s) Navigation
Assistance is available to help parents negotiate and navigate regional center, special education, and other systems that serve families and children with developmental disabilities and other special needs.

Advocacy services are provided in order to ensure that individuals with developmental disabilities receive the services they require and the benefits to which they are entitled. Generally, individuals and/or their parents, family member or friends are able to advocate successfully for their needs and interests. When these resources are insufficient or have failed, Alpha may provide advocacy services.

Sibling Services
Brothers and Sisters may need information, support and resources too!

Education & Support Workshops Available 

Below is a list of workshops available at Alpha, please contact us for more information.

ABC – Acronym Alphabet Soup
The “ABC’s” of Special Education and Systems Jargon

ABILITY Awareness for All Ages
Learn more about individuals with special needs, basic history, people first language, daily living.

Ability Skills and Knowledge in Family Support
Effective Guidelines for Family Support in Early Intervention

Baby Data Book/Organization
Building the Foundation for Organizing Your Child’s Records for Early Start and Beyond

Basic Toolbox
Fundamental Tips for Self Advocacy and Working with Others

Mini to Comprehensive Education on Communicating Effectively

Cultural Competence in Home Visiting & Parent Support
Basic Strategies for Ensuring Cultural Responsiveness

Emergency Training for Families Who Have CWSN
Disaster Preparation for Families who have Children with Special Needs

The Highs & Lows of Expectations

Facilitating Support Groups
Practical Guidelines in Coordinating Parent Groups

Family Voices Leadership Basic
Primer Introduction to the Family Voices of CA Leadership Series

Family Voices of CA Leadership Series
Comprehensive Training for Parents and Self Advocates

Futures Planning
Looking Ahead to the Future

IEP Basic Training
Fundamentals of Participation in Effective Individual Education Program Planning Meetings

IEP Tools & Strategies
More than Rights & Responsibilities

Learn more about the Individualized Family Service Plan for Infants & Toddlers

What, Why, How to have Successful Inclusive Environments

Internet Resources
Filter Online Resources Available

Kindergarten Readiness for Parents & Kids
Transitioning from Preschool to Kindergarten

Mothers (and Fathers) of Invention
Learn What Families have Created to Help Their Child with Special Needs

Parent to Parent Support I
Introduction to the history and evolution of parent to parent support focusing on early stages of adjustment, mentoring, and sharing parent to parent support fundamentals

Parent to Parent Support II
Advanced and ‘brush up’ training into the provision of mentoring and support.

Parent Passport Portfolio
Turn your experience and education into ‘credentials’.

Parent Teacher Partnerships
Practical Strategies and Tools for communicating and building partnerships

Places to Serve
Moving from Individual Advocacy to Systems Change

Playing Well With Others
Tips for effective partnerships and understanding self to better communicate with others

Strengthening Relationships
A Workshop based upon the book by Nicholas Martin.

Taking Care of Yourself
We all know we should! Exploring how do we do it.

Telling Your Story
Understanding why your story is important and how to present.

The OREO Series for Parents of Children with Special Needs
Based upon the book by Martha Kate Downey, parent to parent discussions about day to day events and feelings.

Transition: Early Start to Preschool
Follow the guide to services for your Early Start graduate in Santa Barbara County.

Transition: Youth to Adult
Planning for when your Child becomes an Adult

When You Find Out
Understanding feelings and systems when you learn your child has a developmental delay or intellectual challenges.

More workshops and educational opportunities available on request.