How do you get your prices?

Our pricing procedure combines experience, demand for an item, how many we may already have, floor space, condition, color and size. While the process is not perfect it generally works well. We do not bring in outside expertise.

Pricing Points to Note: You often see items that are identical, priced differently. The reasons for this can be. That 2 different pricers priced the items or often when a pricer sees identical items on the shelf, he or she looks over each item carefully evaluating the items condition, is it damaged or worn, the size all of these factors assist the pricer in setting a price, please remember all prices are individualized to each and every item in the store. We take into consideration whether the item looks like it’s been used once or several times.

Sometimes a customer will find an item priced more than when it was new. How come?

The truth is that sometimes a pricer just doesn’t know, and makes a calculated estimate. We appreciate your help by informing us when you think we have made a mistake. Really we do! However, don’t expect us to mark it down. As you might expect we hear “can you mark this down” all day long. We make a note of your input, but the practice is, to let it sit for a while to confirm your information. By doing so we learn for sure what the value is and use the knowledge in the future. Please remember that sooner or later the public sets the price by purchasing the item. We do the best we can and your understanding really helps. You will notice it’s a two way street. We often under price too………How much fun is that!!!!

When are you going to mark an item down?

Really, we have no idea. The donations come every day but how soon we need the space and how nice the item is compared to others, plays the strongest role. There is no pattern consistent enough to even guess.

If you do not find the answer to a question you have, please call our office at (805) 964-1123 and an Alpha Thrift Store representative will assist you.