Alpha – A general overview of all the services offered at Alpha.

Membership Brochure – Your membership, along with hundreds of others, enables Alpha Resource Center to make the public aware of the abilities of individuals of all ages with developmental disABILITIES and their valuable contribution to our community.

Adopt A Tree – Adopt a tree in our orchard and help provide food for Alpha’s participants, as well as paid work opportunities and income from the harvest.



Children, Family & Advocacy Services Brochure – Our Children, Family & Advaocacy Services programs offer a broad array of services for infants through adults and their families.

Katie’s FUNd  – Katie’s FUNd is a teen and young adult social/recreational program.

Resources for Children – An introduction to resources and supports for children and families in Santa Barbara County.

Turning 3 Years Old – A guide for families to making the transition from Early Start into the preschool years.  [Provided by Santa Barbara County Education Office]



Transition to Adulthood – A guide to help families and consumers make the most of the transitional years between teenage and adulthood.

Adult Day & Vocational Programs – An overview of the services and programs offering day activity and employment services for adults with developmental disabilities in California.

Adult Living Arrangements – An overview of the spectrum of living options for adults with developmental disabilities in California.

Social Security Benefit Programs – An overview of the benefit programs for adults with developmental disabilities that are administered by the Social Security Administration, including Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Serving as Representative Payee – A guide to serving as the Representative Payee for a recipient of SSI and/or Social Security benefits.

Section 8 – An introduction to the federal Housing Choice Voucher Program which provides housing subsidies for adults with low income.

In-Home Housing Support Services (IHSS) – An overview of the IHSS system that provides personal care and domestic services for people, who are aged, blind, or disabled and living in their own homes.



Individualized Service Planning – A practical guide to the individualized service planning process through which important service plans are produced (including the Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP), the Individualized Educational Program (IEP), and the Individual Program Plan (IPP).

Dealing with Behavioral Issues – A discussion of simple strategies to help families respond effectively to behavioral issues and challenges.

Health Insurance Programs – An overview of the various public medical assistance and health insurance programs for children and adults with developmental disabilities in California.

Eligibility for Services from Regional Centers – A discussion of the statutes and regulations under which individuals with developmental disabilities may qualify to receive services through California’s Regional Center system in a question and answer format.



Alpha Office of Advocacy – The Office of Advocacy provides, free of charge, information, technical assistance and representation services for our constituency.

Acronyms – A list of commonly used acronyms and abbreviations.

Basic Toolbox: Staying Organized – A simple guide to common sense advocacy techniques for consumers, family members and friends.

Consent for Release of Information (Minor) – To be completed by parent or legal guardian to authorize the exchange of confidential information between two designated agencies (i.e. Alpha and a school district or Regional Center) in relation to educational advocacy and resource supports (sample included).

Frequently Asked Advocacy Questions – General answers to the questions most commonly asked of Alpha’s Office of Advocacy.

Appointment of Personal Representative and Consent for Release of Information – To be completed by an adult consumer or legal guardian to authorize a designated person to act as a representative in dealing with public agencies and programs to authorize a designated person to release and receive confidential information.

Request for Change of Regional Center Service Coordinator – To be completed by an adult consumer or legal guardian to request a change in regional center service coordinator.


CAPS of Santa Barbara, Inc. – CAPS of Santa Barbara offers assistance for families in evaluating and planning for the lifetime welfare of a member with disabilities.

Conservatorship – A discussion of the legal changes that arise in adulthood and an introduction to formal adult guardianships for individuals with disabilities in California.    [Provided by CAPS of Santa Barbara, Inc.]

Special Needs Trusts – An introduction to an estate planning strategy that can enable families to provide for the future care of a member with developmental disabilities without adversely affecting their eligibility for public programs.  [Provided by CAPS of Santa Barbara, Inc.]