by: Sue Dumm, Artist Representative & Community Liaison, SlingShot

Its early afternoon in the SlingShot art studio and a small group of women are quietly working on their embroidery projects. I’m enjoying the after lunch lull myself and attempting to catch up on emails, but on the other side of the room laughing and teasing ensues. All of a sudden Michelle breaks from her quiet sewing to yell out “I love SlingShot!” I stop my typing and think, so do I.

Left to Right: Erin, Sue, Megan and Michelle

Left to Right: Erin, Sue, Megan and Michelle

Sue: “Well Michelle, Why do you love SlingShot?”

Michelle: “I feel great when I do my sewing. See my new piece. I’m using little bits of green yarn and a bit of purple to make a shape on fabric.”

Erin: (Who is sitting across from Michelle) “I’m sewing yarn around my hearts and flowers. My favorite colors are pink and purple.”

Megan I: (Who is sitting at the next table over) “Sewing is fun!” Showing her embroidery project, she leans in close to tell me, “ I don’t know what it is yet, but I’m using red, dark red and pink yarn on top pf purple paint. First I painted the fabric. Now I sew it.  I love it here too! Art is my whole life.”

Megan, Erin and Michelle

Megan, Erin and Michelle

Michelle: “ I like SlingShot because I meet new people and my art sells often.”

Erin: “SlingShot is neat. I feel happy at SlingShot.”

Sue: (Feeling grateful for the small moment in a regular day that now felt special) “Another wonderful day at SlingShot.”

These 3 enthusiastic SlingShot artists will exhibit their fabric art at our next art show (Impulse). Please join us for a fun opening night reception on September 18th from 5:30 – 7:30 (details on this show and other events below).

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