IMG_2349Rockability was a hit at Soho for the Best Buddies fundraiser! We did a lot of songs including Knocking on Heaven’s Door, Faith, 500 Miles, and many more. When it was all over, I was tired!! Everybody made it; there was a great crowd! Being on stage is fun. It’s great performing for everybody! It makes me happy to let everyone know what song is coming next. George Michael’s “Faith” is my favorite song to perform. Next week we’ll be performing again at the Circle of Life luncheon. I’m not going to tell you what we’re singing so it will be a surprise. We’re working on it and we almost have it ready!

Last Monday we went to pay a visit to Das Williams to talk to him about fixing potholes, bus stops, and other issues. I went with the group from Project Leadership which was a training that taught us how to speak up! On Friday our group met with Janet Wolf. We told her about Project Leadership and we talked about some friends who need day programs or other supports. It went really well! It feels really good to let our legislators know how we feel about certain issues that need to be fixed.

This week I’m going to see my all-time favorite Disney movie, with Emma Watson – Beauty and the Beast! I’m taking a little trip with my roommate and a friend. 100_0032We’re going to a theater in Camarillo on opening day – Friday!!  The theater seats recline! We’re super excited! We’ve been waiting to do this for a month! I’m happy that it’s coming out this week. I can do a really good Beast impersonation. Some of my friends from Alpha are going to see it too, but not on the same day. We can all talk about after we see it. My favorite songs are “Belle”, “Be our Guest” and “Gaston”. What are your favorites? Every time I go to Disneyland I always look out for Belle because I really like her. The last few times I’ve gone I’ve gotten a picture with her.

Be Our Guest and I’ll tell you how I like the movie after I see it!