IMG_5601Hope everybody had a nice time at the Alpha BBQ and that you liked our band performance. We had a good performance. We did Cars “Just What I Needed”, Crowded House “Don’t Dream”, and “It’s My Life” by my favorite group – Bon Jovi. Kevin did a great job on “Amarillo By Morning”. That was the first time we performed that song. We feel good that we’re out there performing for everybody and seeing how the people like it when we perform. All the applause after the songs makes us feel good inside that we’re performing for everybody. Right now we’re working on some new songs for the play. I’m working on “Famous” which is a remake of my favorite George Michael song “Faith”. Be sure to mark your calendars for this year’s AlphaFest play on Oct 7. The show this year is called “It’s Only Rock and Roll” and ya know, that’s one of the Rolling Stones songs. And yeah, we sing that too!! The show is about how we formed our Rockability band. Hope to see you there! You’re going to be in for a good show!

Hasta la Vista,