Below you will find a list of some of the items that we currently need in our programs. There are links to examples of some of these items, but we are open to other models or used items as well. If you can help with any of these items please let us know before purchasing them so we can be sure that your donation will be put to the best use – (805) 683-2145. We are incredibly grateful to have such wonderful community support and we appreciate all of the donations we receive! Your support helps us to provide the best programming possible. Thank you in advance for any support you are able to provide!

A set of mixing bowls (plastic)
Colorful lamps
Tactile/sensory items for sensory stimulation  – examples
Cornhole/Bean bag toss game – example
Sensory objects that can be used by switch plate – example 1   example 2
Exercise bicycle
Musical instruments of all kinds but especially acoustic/electric guitars (2), a tenor saxophone, a donated banjo
Large floor mats – examples
Awning for patio
Portable room divider screens – example
Commercial grade-Stainless Steel-Hand Held Immersible Blender (longest stem possible)
4 wheeled Carts – example
6 Good Quality Cutting Boards
Thera bands, Medicine balls, Wedges, Balls, Small Beanbags
Alginate: it’s a product used to make forms, like hand molds
New Sink and associated plumbing for one of our social centers
A Smart TV
Stage monitors for the musicians ….. 2 minimum
Wireless mics (2) and receiver
Extra long, long PA speaker cables


At SlingShot (art studio and gallery):

Band Saw
Host Art Receptions (please call us to discuss this option – 770-3878)