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Katie’s FUNd was established by the Janeway Family in July 2003.  It honors the determination and passion for life of Katie Janeway, a 14 year old with developmental disabilities who died tragically while attending camp in 2002. Katie’s FUNd provides social and recreational activities for teens and young adults through Teen Extreme and EXPO. 

Teen Extreme is for junior high, high school and transition students, typically ages 13 to 22 years of age. 

EXPO is for young adults, typically ages 22 to 35 years of age.


Teen Extreme & EXPO (EXtreme POssibilities)

Participants assist in selecting the activities and special events. The groups typically meet three Fridays a month (Teen Extreme twice and EXPO once) for dinner and an evening of fun at Alpha.  Activities include crafts, sports, karaoke, holiday parties, movies, dances and more.  Participants in the programs also choose from a range of community activities each month. 

Events are incredibly varied and are based on the interests of the group. Some of the most popular activities are bowling, dinners at local restaurants, cooking nights, local concerts, and visits to local museums or attractions. 


However the fun doesn’t stop there! The group has taken on rock climbing, kayaking, and ropes courses and is always looking for new adventures! If you’re not too exhausted yet, there is also an annual camping trip as well as an annual trip to Disneyland.

The friendships that are formed in this group are incredibly strong and are a vital part of living a full and healthy life!  Participants in this program often make friends for life.  Social skills are modeled by staff and peer mentors so, not only is the program fun, it is also a learning opportunity. 

Summer Theater Program

Summer Theater Program

Summer Theater Program

The Summer Theater Program is held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and runs for six weeks from mid-June through the end of July. The Summer Program provides a full theater experience and is open to anyone enrolled in Teen Extreme or EXPO.  The participants help determine the script, their characters, the music for the show, etc. They are involved in every aspect of the process. There is a final performance at the end of the summer for family, friends, and the community.

Staff and Volunteers

Summer Theater Program

Summer Theater Program

The staff-to-teen ratio is typically 1:3 and provides a safe and fun environment for everyone.  The staff members are typically local college students and involved community members. They are young, full of energy and ready for adventure!  Volunteer peer mentors come from local junior highs, high schools and colleges to serve as models of appropriate social behavior and promote positive friendships and interactions. 


“Basically I like it because Friday nights I usually don’t get to do that much stuff, but now that we’re doing this I get to have fun with my friends rather than be bored at home.” 

-- Teen

“Teen Extreme is the only place where I can drop [my daughter] off and drive away! Just like any teen!”

-- Parent 

“Teen Extreme is not only tons of fun, but it makes me feel like I am actually doing something fulfilling on a Friday night.”

-- Staff 

“Teen Extreme is a great program. It’s so much fun to see friendships formed and see the participants engaged in safe and fun activities!”

-- Volunteer 

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Amy Buesker

Meghan Davy

Meghan Davy

Program Manager

Youth & Adult Services


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Meghan Davy

Meghan Davy

Meghan Davy

Katie’s FUNd Coordinator

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