Empowering Individuals

At Alpha, we believe that everyone has a valuable contribution to make.

We empower individuals with intellectual and similar developmental disabilities to make their mark on the world.

Our programs bring ability to the fore and highlight potential as we support families, create opportunities, and foster belonging.


Supporting Families

Creating Opportunities

Creating Opportunities

Learning that your child has an intellectual disability can be intimidating. At Alpha we give you confidence that your child will know success. We partner with you to navigate many freely available services and supports.


Creating Opportunities

Creating Opportunities

Creating Opportunities

The individuals Alpha serves make important contributions each day through service projects and community participation. We then take it one step further, building partnerships that lead to the creation of even more opportunities.


Fostering Belonging

Creating Opportunities

Fostering Belonging

Belonging is more than being included, it is the recognition that your contribution matters. We support our participants as they use their talents, interests, and passions to effect change in the specific subcultures and the community at large.

Alpha Resource Center Mission Statement

Alpha Resource Center of Santa Barbara 

empowers individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities 

throughout Santa Barbara County by supporting families

creating opportunities, and fostering belonging.

Alpha Resource Center Vision Statement

We, the board, membership, staff, family members, and community supporters of Alpha Resource Center affirm our commitment to ensure individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities have greater opportunities to live the life they choose.

We are:

  • Parents and family members who have hope and optimism for the future;
  • Individuals and family members who have timely access to services and supports;
  • Financially stable, which guarantees independence from economic fluctuations, utilizing both internal and external support to assure strategic goals are met;
  • Making every effort to pay highly competitive wages and benefits, thus strengthening our commitment to those who fulfill our mission and make a significant difference in the lives of the people we serve day in and day out;
  • Dedicated to new, innovative, highly effective, person-centered, community-based services, which earn the respect and admiration of those in the intellectual and developmental disabilities field. 

Adult Services Vision Statement

Our Vision for ourselves and adults with intellectual disabilities and similar developmental disabilities.

Alpha Resource Center of Santa Barbara will empower individuals by creating opportunities for adults to determine what they want from life and to pursue their own hopes, dreams and goals. 

Alpha will work together with individuals so that ALL people lead full, self-directed lives, where they can say . . .

  • I am accepted for who I am and treated with dignity and respect;
  • I am a visible, engaged and active community member;
  • I am healthy and safe in body, mind, and spirit;
  • I have the most effective means of communicating with others;
  • I develop and maintain long-term relationships and connections that are sustaining and life enriching- to love and be loved, to have friends and romantic relationships;
  • I enjoy a full range of possibilities, options, and choices; develop and use my skills, strengths, and talents; 
  • I learn new things, have new experiences and explore what the world has to offer;
  • I determine my own goals, and have resources and supports to:

                -- Be successful in the life I choose;

                -- Have a supportive circle of friends and family;

                -- Have support to take risks;

                -- Have a job I like that may include earning income;

                -- Have Direct Support Professionals, who truly care about me and are competent, and adequately compensated;

                -- Have responsibility for and control over my life - to the greatest extent possible; and,

                -- Have fun, feel good about myself, and enjoy life!