"I honestly don't know where we would be without Alpha Resource Center's Office of Advocacy. When the red tape has all seemed too much and we have felt like giving up, the Office of Advocacy has been there with encouragement and crystal clear advice.

We shudder when we think of where we might be today without the excellence,

expertise, and passion of the Office of Advocacy."

Trisa and Hugh Ranson

What are advocacy services?

Advocacy services are the technical assistance and crisis support families need to succeed.

The word advocacy has many connotations. For many the image is a legal term; a lawyer fighting a battle in a courtroom. At Alpha Resource Center, advocacy paints a different picture. Our goal is to remove obstacles and maintain productive relationships with community service providers while securing the services needed by the individuals and families we support.

Over the more than 25 years we have been partnering families in need of technical assistance and crisis support, we have gained much knowledge, expertise, and experience. It is from this foundation we are able to come alongside the families and individuals in our community who are facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles to life-supporting services and watch them find success and resolution.

"When dealing with a child transitioning from teenager to adult, the last thing a parent should have to worry about is cutting through red tape and byzantine regulations. The Office of Advocacy gives me someone I can talk with that knows these rules and regulations. It has saved me countless hours and given me peace of mind to know I'm doing the right things." -- John Cutsinger

As you can see, advocacy at Alpha Resource Center is about real solutions to vital needs.

Your support makes it possible!

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Advocacy services change lives!

The stories are too many to count.

Yet even one life is worth helping. 

Listen to firsthand accounts of how Alpha Resource Center has served as an invaluable partner to families in Santa Barbara County.

Advocacy changes lives. Only you can make advocacy possible.

The advocacy services provided by Alpha Resource Center are the only reason many individuals and families in Santa Barbara County are receiving the services they need. And our advocacy services can only be provided when you give.

While individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) in California are entitled to certain life-supporting services, accessing those services is not always easy. People need help in times of crisis, so we've provided assistance and expertise for more than 25 years.

That help comes at a cost. And it isn't covered by state or federal funding.

Some families receiving services give along with you to keep advocacy available, but many families in need receive advocacy services only because they are provided at no cost to them. 

To continue to provide advocacy services to every family in need, it takes generous donors like you!

Whether it be helping to build family/school partnerships, the medical system not addressing the complexities of a medical condition associated with an I/DD, or even the the Social Security office questioning the existence of a life-long disability, the path toward receiving vital services is often filled with unexpected turns and obstacles.

Those obstacles can be overcome with the help of Alpha Resource Center and you!

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