Mission Statement

Alpha Resource Center is committed to empowering individuals with developmental disabilities, supporting families and building a community that values the contribution of all people.

What We Do

Alpha Resource Center is a multi-faceted service center providing support and information for families of children with developmental disabilities of all ages, teen and adult recreation, and life skills training for adults. Today Alpha serves over 2200 families. Alpha also owns and operates 3 thrift stores which support our services.

Who We Are

Alpha Resource Center was founded in the early 50s by family members who wanted an opportunity for their children to have an education, for parents to have a place to learn from each other and to transform the community to accept the participation of people of all ages with developmental disabilities.

I really like Alpha because I learn so much. Alpha’s supports and services have given me a chance to do what I can do. I have a job, I am an actor, I am a drummer in my own band, and I am a Board Member.
- The late Scott Clarkson (1962-2014)

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