Conversations are taking place about reopening day programs, however, they remain closed for now.

Both Alpha day programs (Cathedral Oaks and SlingShot) remain closed. However, we have begun conversations internally and with state and local agencies about what reopening will look like when the time comes. 

While details are not available yet, reopening will be likely be phased with multiple precautions in place to protect participants and staff alike. As part of our planning for the months ahead, we will also be exploring ways to support participants remotely. 

You will be able to find more information here as it becomes available. 


Our Children and Family Services team are available to support families during this time. 

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coronavirus update

Both our Cathedral Oaks day program and our SlingShot Art Studio program will be closed indefinitely starting Friday, March 20, 2020

Additionally, both of our Alpha Thrift Stores will be closed starting Wednesday, March 18, 2020. 

At this time, we have no date scheduled for reopening the programs or stores. We will follow the direction of Tri-Counties Regional Center (TCRC), the Santa Barbara County Health Department, Governor Newsom's office, and the CDC regarding when it is safe to resume services. 

Administrative staff will be working primarily from home during the closure of our programs. Should you need to contact staff directly, email addresses are listed on our CONTACT page. 

Our general phone lines will not be monitored during the closure

This may be a trying time  for many program participants and their families. By request of TCRC, we stayed open while it was still safe to do so in an effort to provide the best support possible to our participants and families. That time has come to an end as both the coronavirus spread and safety measures are increasing each day. 

The financial impact of these closures

to Alpha Resource Center will be immense! 

We had to cancel our yearly Circle of Life Fundraiser Luncheon. We will need to use our reserves to care for staff over the next months. Our stores will be providing no income.

We will manage our current resources responsibly and get through this uncertain time, but your financial support now will ensure we emerge quicker and stronger on the back side. 

Please give what you can financially today. DONATE NOW!

Joshua Weitzman

Executive Director

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